Research Works

Both Chemichal Engineering, and Innovation have something to do with research, and I have some experience in this field.

During my college year 2006/07,  I  carried out with another student, an study of physicochemical parameters in commercial yoghourt samples. It was the project for a subject introduction to research, offered by the Analitical Chemistry department of the Chemistry Collegue of my University.

We took diferent brands and types of yoghourt, and performed several analysis techniques to find out their pH, fat content, metal content and dry extract, and afterward comparer their results. As a result of this work, we presented a Poster in the Student Congress of the Collegue.

III Congreso de Estudiantes de la Facultad de Química (COEFAQ),  May 2007.
“Contenido Mineral y Otros Parámetros de Interés en muestras de yogur”

(Mineral content, and another parameters of interest in yoghourt samples)

After that, I devoted my last collegue year (07/08) to develop my final project, which is the last requirement in order to get the degree. I worked with a classmate, and we spent over a year in the labs of the chemical engineering department, researching with waste glycerin. This work was also presented in a poster format in the student congress, but we also participated in the 11th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering, again with a Poster.

IV Congreso de Estudiantes de la Facultad de Química (COEFAQ), April 2008
“Recuperación de Glicerina en Síntesis de Biodiesel a Partide Aceite de Fritura”

(Glycerol Recover from biodiesel Synthesis from waste Oil)

Congreso de Ingeniería Química del Mediterráneo, October 2008, Barcelona.
“Reused glycerol from biodiesel. Dehydratation of glycerol to propylene glicol”

This project belonged to a bigger research group, “Heteregenous Catalysis”. They have a long experience in obtaining biodiesel from fresh and waste oil. The main subproduct of this reaction is glycerol, and these days, an increase of biodiesel plants in Europe and the US, has led to an excess of medium quality glycerol in the markets. The aim of our project was the study of an heterogeneous reaction to produce an added value chemical, propylene glycol, from this waste glycerol.

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